Welcome & Helpful tips from your instructor

Thank you so much for allowing Mad About Hoops to join you for your hoop journey.

Hula Hooping has forever changed our lives and we know it can change yours too! These are pre-recorded lessons, so feel free to watch them back as many times as you'd like. It's totally normal if something doesn't click right away. Feel free to take a break and revisit it later! We also highly encourage you to watch every tutorial, even if it is a skill you already know. Every video includes variations - some of these videos contain 3-4+ tricks each!

Also, check back here often as our Tricktionary students get exclusive sneak peaks at upcoming courses as well as free bonus tutorials. We typically bulk edit our free mini tutorials for #tutorialtuesday and our Tricktionary students get them first!

As always, we would LOVE to see your progress. Feel free to join our Facebook group to get feedback or share your success with your coaches! You can also reach out to us on social media @MadAboutHoops across all platforms. You can reach your 'Happy Hands and Halos' coach at @Amy_performs.

Happy hooping,

Coach Amy